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  • Sacred lotus genome sequence enlightens scientists: Sacred lotus genome news release by U Illinois and Science Daily
  • Scientists sequence genome of 'sacred lotus,' which likely holds anti-aging secrets: Sacred lotus genome news release by UCLA
  • Scientists discover clues about plant evolution: Sacred lotus genome news release by U Hawaii

Bioinformatics Research Projects

  • Bioinformatics software tool development.
  • Bioinformatics database development: we focus on secretome and alternative splicing.
  • Comparative genomics.


  • Dr. Xiangjia "Jack" Min (Professor in Bioinformatics, Genomics, and Proteomics)
  • Biology Undergraduate Students (Fall 2022 - ): Logan Burrowns, Maria Campean, Chetan Dasana, Courtney Jones, Aaryan Patel
  • *********** Note ************

  • Dr. Min is continuously recruiting undergraduate and graduate students who have interests in both biological sciences and computer informatics to work on his research projects. Please contact him by email or visit him in office.
  • Lab Alumni

  • Gengkon Lum (MS graduate, CSIS)
  • John Meinken (MS graduate, CSIS)
  • Atinuke Ogungbayi (MS. Graduate, BIOL)
  • Jessica Lee (Bio Major, Undergraduate)
  • Theoni Kasamias (Bio Major, Undergraduate)
  • Benjamin Annan (MS Graduate, Math & Statistics - co-supervised by Dr. A. G-H. Chang)
  • Brian Powell (M. S. graduate, CSIS)
  • Geneva Knott (Undergraduate, BIOL)
  • Sepideh Khavari (M. S. graduate, Math & Statistics, co-supervised by Dr. Chang)
  • Vamshi Amerishetty (MS graduate, CSIS)
  • Kofi A. Neizer-Ashun (MS graduate, Math & Statistics, co-supervised with Drs. G. Chang and F. Yu)
  • David Arthur (MS graduate, Math & Statistics, co-supervised with Dr. Chang)
  • Braden Walters (Undergraduate, CSIS)
  • Jessica Orr (Undergraduate, BIOL)
  • Stephanie Frazier (Undergraduate, BIOL)
  • Jonathan Braessler (Undergraduae, CSIS)
  • James Munyon (Undergraduate, Math & Statistics, co-supervised by Dr. Chang)
  • Sarah Clark (Undergraduate, BIOL)
  • Vishwa Vaghela (Biol. Major, Undergraduate)
  • Janett Ziegler (Undergraduate, BIOL)


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